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Nice to meet you {{answer_34132504}}, A little about us:

Mundo Lingo is a social project for language and cultural exchange.

In an increasingly globalised world Mundo Lingo forms a network between locals and foreigners in any given city through free ‘Language Socials’. These community driven events are held in the tranquil atmospheres of already social spaces such as bars. We use a unique system in which participants arrange small flag stickers on their chest from top to bottom according to ability and either sit down or stand up to show their willingness to engage in conversation with new people. This allows people to proudly show where they’re from as well as quickly identify target language speakers.

Mundo Lingo started in March 2011 at the hands of a British expat living in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires looking for a way to make Argentine friends. Starting out as a language exchange, over the years it has steadily developed its own distinct methods, branding and organisational structure. Today we’re the largest and fastest growing language event organisation in the world providing 80 events per month to 16 different cities worldwide. We host participants from 100s of countries and communities. While there are multiple language events in existence all over the world, we’re the only one to organise and develop this distinct format.
Our Mission

"To encourage local community and international solidarity based on cultural understanding through real-life social events."
So do we make money?

Yes we do. Profit is not our primary motivation, however we still get paid for the time we invest.

As a self-employed venue promoter you will charge the venue a percentage of the total consumption from your public. We don't disclose the percentage publicly but it is low enough to benefit the venue and high enough to benefit you.
Finances (Start-Up Costs)

In order to make this opportunity open to as many people as possible we strive to keep startup costs low.
Our application fee is 25USD payable if and only after your application is successful and then held as credit.
Finances (Start-Up Costs)

We suggest saving 300 - 400 USD to cover the costs of your first order of flags, their delivery and some basic promotional materials such as cards and posters. The cost will vary depending on delivery costs to your region and the quantity of materials you wish to start with.

Mundo Lingo events are run like a franchise program meaning a percentage of local profits are reinvested into our organisation every month in the form of a fee.

After this fee and your other costs, an event with 200 participants per week can expect to make approximately 70% of a 'basic local national wage' each month. In many European countries this could be about 700 euros for example.

Our standard royalty fee is 35% of Gross. However, a ‘Startup Discount’ is applied to new cities in order to foster initial growth. This brings the fee down to as little as 5%.

Some Example Figures:
100 Participants per week = 5%
200 Pariticpants per week = 9%
400 Participants per week = 17%
600 Participants per week = 26%
Powered by Bitcoin

We’re going global thanks to the power of Bitcoin!
We're one of the first organisations of our kind to do this. It’s important to understand and accept that we use Bitcoin before entering into any kind of relationship with us. We’ll give you the tools and know-how to purchase/sell Bitcoin but you must be in a country where buying Bitcoin is possible.
Our Philosophy

This is very important to us. When we talk about finance sheets, logos and branding it may sound like corporate lingo, but even non-profits need branding and account management. We keep a ‘non-money-hungry’ philosophy and we expect anyone representing us to do so too.
Glad you asked {{answer_34132504}},

It means we keep the focus on experience making rather than money making. We believe that by making a better experience for our participants we will inevitably develop a successful business model: We don’t charge our participants. We know from experience that if they have a good time even the most stubborn will end up gladly buying a drink - We only charge the bar. We don’t accept commissions for sending our participants to schools or hostels, our recommendations are impartial. We don’t give commissions for sending people to our events. We don’t expose out participants to third party publicity unless it’s of genuine interest to them, free of charge, and we receive no benefit.
So {{answer_34132504}}, It's important to us that you understand and agree that:

- We don't accept or offer commissions to other businesses.
- We leave participants alone in the event (No asking for emails address's, surveys, audience participation activities, wearing costumes or any novelties other than the flags)
- We don't advertise anyone's products or services inside the event nor through our Social Media.
- We don't do "cross promotion".
- We do not charge participants.
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A Reason for Success

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Crisis 1 - No Show.

A personal emergency has arisen and you can't host ML tomorrow, what will you do?
Crisis 2 - Late.

Being a pro, you always arrive 30 minutes early. However, for reasons outside of your control today you arrive 15 minutes late to the event. There are people waiting. What do you do?
Crisis 3 - Stock

Again, this will never happen because you're a pro, but: Your French flags go missing, What do you do?
Crisis 4 - Venue Cooperation

On top of all these issues, you've had to ask the Venue Manager 3 times to turn down the music. It's a busy night and the music has slowly gone back up for the 4th time. What do you do?
Crisis 4 - Disturbance

Someone is raising their voice and their body language seems quite aggressive What do you do?
This next section is about what makes you tick.

Be honest, take your time.
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Are you proud of your nationality? Please elaborate.

Name 2 people who inspires you. It can be anyone 'googleable'; Sports star, philosopher, celebrity, explorer, actor. etc. (Not family)

You invite a friend out for a meal, the waiter brings your food hot on the outside, half-frozen inside. What does that say about the waiters professionalism?
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